Concealed Carry CCW Class

Course Information

The Concealed Carry class is a defensive handgun course for those who carry, or are considering carrying, a handgun for self-defense. 

Our Concealed Carry is an informational and hands-on class in the carrying and use of a handgun in self-defense. This class is meant to address basic knowledge and skills that will contribute to your being effectively armed.

The class covers firearms handling safety, range safety, and personal safety. We summarize the legal, psychological, and law-enforcement response issues involved in using a firearm for self-defense. (And for those wanting more information, these topics are covered in extreme detail in a separate classroom course, Fundamentals of Armed Self-Defense.) We practice basic handling, operation, and shooting skills with training guns, “dry” in the classroom. And the course concludes with live-fire session on the range allowing students to train with their own defensive handguns.

This course will consist of 6 hours of classroom material and practice, and 2 hours of live-fire range time. The range session can be scheduled on the same day as the classroom or on a separate date. Option of indoor or outdoor range available and are at a separate location from the classroom.

Course Goal: To allow the student to experience first-hand some of the skills and challenges inherent in the use of a firearm in self-defense, and to provide information and basics that will allow the student to practice and improve those skills.


     · Developing a Personal Protection Plan

     · Self-Defense Firearms Basics

     · Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

     · The Legal Use of Force

     · Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath

     · Gear and Gadgets

     · Suggestions for Practicing Basic and Advanced Skills

Prerequisites: None

Cost: $60.00


     · Students will receive USCCA certificate of attendance upon completion of the course.

     · USCCA’s book, “Concealed Carry and Home Defense” ($30 value)

     · Targets

Customer Responsibility/Gear:

     · Complete Liability Waiver prior to the start of class

     · Personal Protection Equipment: Eye and Ear Rental

     · Handgun rental available for an extra charge and 150 rounds of ammunition is included                            (available .380, 9mm and .45 ACP); students are encouraged to bring their own handgun and 150 rounds of ammunition.

Group Rates:  There are Group rates available for this class.  4+ students: $55.00. To be eligible for the group rate you must call or stop in and schedule your class. Payment of 50% is required at time of scheduling with the balance due one week prior to scheduled class.  

Note: This class is not typically offered on a set date, it is scheduled as needed based on individual & group interest, contact Coterel Institute for more information.